Specialty Programs

 Performance Gymnastics Class

This class will allow athletes to improve their skill level in gymnastics and give them the opportunity to showcase their skills! Athletes will create routines on a variety of events. This is not only limited to the events in Artistic Gymnastics. They will also incorporate Acrobatic and Rhythmic Gymnastics in their performance as well. The sky is the limit in Can-Am's Performance Gymnastics class! 

This class is recommended for girls who are eager to perform and showcase their skills!  There will be performance on the last day of class for athletes to show off their routines. 

Age: 6 +
Length: 2 hours/once per week


Acro Skills

Acro is art in motion! Similar to the floor work of gymnastics, Acro incorporates cartwheels, rolls, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, aerials and balances in a fun, safe environment.

Beginner Acro: Beginner Acro Skills includes an instructional framework to help athletes work towards achieving cartwheels, rolls, handstands, walkovers and balances.

Intermediate Acro Skills will help athletes work towards their front & back handsprings, aerial cartwheels, front tucks and more!

Age: 7 +
Length: 1.5 hours/once per week



Can-Am Gymnastics tumbling classes are structured for developing a tumbling series.

Beginner Tumbling: The beginner class is a great introductory class that will help beginners develop flexibility, strength and core balance. Athletes at this level will also work on basic skills including bridges, handstands and cartwheels.

Intermediate/Advanced Tumbling: This program is the next step for gymnasts who want to continue to build and develop their individual tumbling goals. While reviewing the skills learned in the Beginner Tumble, gymnasts will begin to work on front/back walkovers, round-offs and round-off back handsprings. Gymnasts who are more advanced will work towards mastering front and back handsprings as well. 

Age: 7 +
Length: 1 & 1.25 hours/once per week


Parkour Class

Parkour is a fun and challenging class in which participants learn to negotiate obstacles and other challenging situations in the most efficient way possible using jumping, strength, flexibility, gymnastics, tumbling and climbing. The objective is to learn to get from one place to another using only the human body and objects in the environment.

Age: 8 +
Length: 2 hours/once per week