Recreational Teen and Adult

Whether you are 2, 92, or anywhere in between, gymnastics can help you gain and maintain your strength, flexibility, balance and coordination for optimal quality of life. Here at Can-Am we truly strive to embody the idea of "Gymnastics for Life" and maintain a commitment to provide quality programming for all stages and ages.

To prove that commitment, we offer the following structured class options geared towards teens and adults. It's at Can-Am that you can take gymnastics experience beyond drop in, and receive quality structured training from certified coaches.

For all classes, no prior experience is required - all you need is to be prepped to have fun and play hard (because we WILL do that!) Check out the below descriptions then click the link at the bottom of the page to see the options for our current session!

Teen Girls Classes

This is an great opportunity for any girls who have outgrown Can-Am's awesome programming for ages 12 and under, for any athletes in other sports looking for cross training, or for absolute beginners looking to try gymnastics for the first time. Each class starts with a warm-up and strength based conditioning activity, then covers skills on the bars, beam, floor, or trampoline, and finishes with structured free time and a organized cool down activity.

Age: 13-17
Length: 2 hours/once or twice per week


Adult Gymnastics

Never tried gymnastics before? Great! Spent the first 12 years of your life in the gym? Cool! Haven't tried a handstand since you were 7? No problem! Let coach Shannon guide you through this next adventure into gymnastics! In her words, "As a gymnastics coach with Can-Am since 1989, I have helped kids reach their dreams whether they were two or 42+. In our adult class, functional strength is gained by continuous play. Come join the adult group and get strong by being challenged and having fun while exploring your inner child!"

Age: 18+
Length: 2 hours/once per week

 8 reasons you should do gymnastics as an adult:

1. It will get you crazy strong.

2. You’ll impress your friends.

3. You’ll increase your flexibility tenfold.

4. You’ll become more coordinated.

5. It will help you overcome fear.

6. It helps you learn to fall without hurting yourself.

7. You’ll learn to laugh at yourself.

8. It brings out your inner kid