Preschool Gymnastics Age 5 and under

Can-Am Gymnastics Club has our youngest participants follow our own Can-Am Kidz Program for age 5 and under.  The program content is developed using Gymnastics Canada's Active Start Program.

What is Active Start?  The objective of the Active Start Program is to inspire a love of physical activity.  This program is the first step to teaching children to become physically literate, and to lead athletic, healthy lifestyles.  Part of this program and teaching methods are to incorporate use of imagination, creative play and props geared toward preschool aged children.  Coaches are taught to use teaching methods that preschool aged children can relate to in order to foster a love of being active and exploring what their bodies are capable of in a safe, fun and challenging environment. 

Active Start Classes

Parent & Tot Age 12-23 Months
As soon as your little one is ready to walk they are ready for gymnastics! Children will be encouraged to explore and discover basic movement patterns in a fun and safe environment. Spatial awareness and discovery will be learned by teaching your little one how their bodies can relate to objects around them by exploring various circuits and going on, under, over, through and upside down. A class of discovery and amazement for both you and your little one!
Length: 45 min/Once per week

Parent & Tot Age 2
This parent assisted class is structured to teach your little ones how to follow simple circuits and interact with other children in a sport setting. This is an excellent class for energetic toddlers to get an early start on an active lifestyle and development of physical literacy.
Length: 45 min/Once per week

Parent & Tot for Age 3 

Very similar to Critter & Companion, this class was designed for children who are 3 years old and are not ready to be in a class without a parent or guardian to help. This transitional class allows children to start developing independence in a structured class following their coach’s instruction.
Length: 45 min/Once per week

Can-Am Kidz Age 3 * Age 3 and 4 classes are currently parent assisted due to Covid-19 restrictions
This class is for 3 year old who are ready to explore gymnastics on their own! Your child will have fun learning the basic fundamental skills on all apparatus; vault, floor, bars, and beam. This class promotes the development of physical abilities, self-confidence, listening skills and socialization in a sport setting.
Length: 1 hour/once per week

*Children must be 3 before the end of the first month of the session and be able to use the washroom independently*


Can-Am Kidz Age 4 
This class is perfect for the active 4 year old who is eager to run, jump, hang, swing, balance, tumble and climb!  Children will be introduced to the fun, fitness and  fundamentals of gymnastics through guided instruction on all apparatus. They will begin to develop strength, balance, flexibility and confidence to help them in gymnastics as well as any sport!
Length: 1 hour/once per week


Can-Am Kidz Age 5
This is class is for 5 year olds who are eager and ready to learn gymnastics! This class will continue to focus on fun, fitness and fundamental gymnastics skills. Children will continue to develop strength, balance and flexibility as they are coached through challenging and fun circuits on floor, bars, beam and vault. A stronger emphasis is placed on form and technique which will help your active 5 year old  build confidence in all that they do! 
Length: 1 hour/once per week


Can-Am Kidz Age 5 Advanced
This class is for 5 year olds who have already completed 1 session of the Can-Am Kidz Age 5 program
. It is an excellent option for children who are ready for a longer class and more of a challenge.  A greater emphasis will be placed on correct technique, strength, flexibility and form while they prepare themselves for the CANGYM program.
Length: 1 hour 15 min/once per week